A post-lockdown shop with your best friend!

Everyone is learning to adapt after lockdown.

Today, in our shop in Nailsworth, on a dull and wet day we witnessed several groups of happy ladies adapting to their new way of spending time together. The ladies who lunch, albeit now it's a takeaway coffee and a slice of cake to take back home and eat later, and, of course, socially distancing but they still make the most of their time together. Oh how we so missed our best friend shopping trips during lockdown. Shopping with a girlfriend is always fun - you know instinctively your friends' style and can spot that dress, shoe, handbag at 100 paces that only YOUR best friend will LOVE we often hear the laughter and secretive giggles. No matter the age, be it 15 year old school friends or 80 plus sisters, it's always a delight to serve these customers.



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