Lighting Up Your Home!

Lighting Up Your Home!

There are many ideas and 'rules' to guide us in lighting up our homes and creating ambience, warmth and additional light so we can see what we are doing!  Now, more than ever, we are depending on our home space to be as comfortable and practical to suit so many uses - office, bedroom, kitchen and food prep, entertaining (if we're allowed!) and also place to unwind and relax in.

Interior designers have lots of excellent tips and ideas to help guide us through this confusing interior maze and here at Woodcock & Cavendish we have selected a variety of different lighting products to help you with your choices.

How to get your lighting in your home right?  Here are a few tips and ideas to create the perfect lighting scheme.  The 3 basic stages are :

Stage 1 :  Ambient Lighting.  This is the first layer of lighting - it's the natural light from your windows and the lighting that substitutes for natural lighting.  Use pendant lighting, chandeliers and ceiling and wall lights to create ambient lighting.

Stage 2:  Task Lighting.  This, the second layer, are the lights that we need to help us with our work such as reading, cooking, study, makeup.   Table lamps, desk lamps, under-counter lights in kitchens are all "task" lighting.   Table lamps especially give us the light to read but also add another dimension to your interior design and atmosphere in your home.

Stage 3:  Accent Lighting.  The final layer is the "mood" lighting.  Think candles, lights with dimmer switches, uplights, recess lighting, picture lighting.  Candles add additional soft tones and fragrance to a room.   We also love the use of lanterns, something that you can use outdoors in the summer and also bring into your home during the darker days - a lovely way to add additional light and that extra Wow factor!

& lastly, don't forget your bulbs!  We now stock a full range of bulbs including a great selection of filament bulbs, which gives your lights a vintage edge.

Please take a look at our Lighting department which is now part of our Home & Living Collection for lots of ideas and inspiration!

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