Welcome to the World, Little Woodcock!

Welcome to the World, Little Woodcock!

We have some exciting news to share with you! Here at Woodcock & Cavendish we have had a new addition to the family our very own Little Woodcock!

We are delighted to introduce our new range of baby clothing, blankets, soft toys, toiletries and gift ideas now available in the Little Woodcock collection.

Celebrate new arrivals with a host of adorable gifts right here! Often it is hard to buy presents to give to expectant parents and their babies and there are lots of factors to take into account - so we're here to help you decide with fresh ideas and that personal gift at this joyous occasion! With this in mind we have carefully sourced a variety of items.

Little Woodcock has the following departments:

Baby Clothing

Soft Toys

Baby Blankets & Wraps

Cloths and Muslins

Baby Wash Collection

Baby Boys

Baby Girls

Maternity Bags

Soft toys are a wonderful way to start! An ever lasting gift that stays with children (& adults!) throughout their life. We have dear Harry Bear and his fellow chum Sherwood Bear! Both traditional bears with bags of personality and charm who are always loyal and dependable, a life long friend! We also have gorgeous baby elephants with matching blankets, polar bears, bears, penguins and even baby dragons! All made from super soft fabric, in both blue and pink and suitable for new borns.

Little Woodcock's clothing range provides a variety of all-in-ones, cardigans, two piece trouser sets, socks, booties and hats. Every one is soft and cosy and we have a cross section of pink and blue plus purest white so easy to choose from if you are unsure of whether it will be a girl or boy. With delightful little motifs and finishing touches to make your choice that extra bit special. We have plenty of styles to choose from.   

Bath time is always a special part of babies routine so please take a look at our Seascape range all dermatologically tested and gently formulated for babies and children. We also have a selection muslin cloths, baby face cloths and towelling robes.

No nursery is complete without a few blankets to give comfort and special snuggles. A must in the pram when out and about or at home after feeding or bath time. We have a lovely selection ranging from the softest micro baby wraps, traditional cellular blankets and soft shawls with Teddy bears on.  

& finally, something for the parents to help organise and make sure that you have everything you need when out and about please check out our Maternity Bags department!   

Welcome dear Little Woodcock !!  

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