Woodcock and Cavendish

Room Diffuser Classic No. 12 by Woodcock & Cavendish


Beautifully mysterious fragrance, adding luxury to any space. A rich mix of Vetiver, Bergamot, Heady Musk, Amber, Lemon & Cedarwood.

Our diffuser collection is made in the UK using the finest ingredients, each element carefully chosen and mixed by hand. The reeds we use are made from a mix of fabrics, each reed has a thousands of tiny holes within that soak the fluid along their entire length. They do not need replacing or turning.

Tip: For a very slightly scented room simply use less reeds. The perfumes are designed to be subtle to give a wonderful background aroma. 

100 ml Diffuser with black reeds, boxed & ribbon trimmed
300 ml Refill, boxed & ribbon trimmed

Woodcock & Cavendish

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