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A lamp base can be a beautiful addition to the decor on its own and stand like a sculpture. Our extensive collection of both modern and classic lamp bases includes several types of lamp bases so there is something for every type of home.

The range includes brass lamp bases which are both simple and sculptural. If brass is not for you, the collection also includes chrome base, metal bases or nickel bases. There are also lamp bases in silver and then there are lamp bases shaped like candlestick.

If you want your lampshade to have more detail, ceramic or glass bases may be for you. These lamp bases have beautiful shapes and incredible details. Choose from stylish patterns with black, white and grey colours or the more colourful designs. You can also choose a lamp base with painted patterns with sharp lines.

Stoneware bases give a more solid footing and they come in both more raw and glazed designs. It's also an opportunity to bring a bit of nature into your home.

No matter which type of base you choose, you can match the base with a stylish lampshade.