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This selection of floor lamps to put the finishing touch in the room and as a perfect alternative to ceiling lamps.

It is not always possible to hang lamps from the ceiling or wall, a floor lamp can be a great alternative. A floor lamp also allows you to move the light around. For example, if you want to have a lantern in the hallway while guests are arriving, but it is still in the living room.

Our range of floor lamps includes lamps with lampshades, but also lamp bases that you can match with your favourite lampshade. You'll also find several lanterns.

The options are many and you can choose between floor lamps with tripod or whole single lamp bases. There are lamps in wood, brushed metal and brass. Our selection also has a few floor lamps with a table, which are great next to a reading chair, for example. Explore our selection of floor lamps and find your next lamp.