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Set the most beautiful table, both for everyday and for parties, with elegant tableware. A beautiful dining table sets the mood and can be a lovely finishing touch to extended time in the kitchen.

Elegant dinner plates act as a base for each seating area and with multiple options in colours and shapes, there are great options to find the exact dinner plate that suits your style. For example, choose a round coloured plate for the main course and place a smaller plate in a different color, or choose a square plate to break up the classic lines. Complement with a napkin that matches the colours of the table, tablecloth, or underplate.

Flank the plates with elegant cutlery that also matches each dish and adds a little something extra to the table - choose cutlery with special details such as pearl handles or with subtle details along the transition between the handle and the cutlery itself.

Round off the seating with elegant glasses to match each course - water glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glasses and round off dinner with a drink or a cup of coffee.

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