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Ethical & Sustainable Style

'Flying the flag for British products!'

At Woodcock and Cavendish we aim to support products that use sustainable materials and brands that have a positive, ethical message. Sustainability is one or our core values, being a family run business that sell material goods we want to make sure that we are doing this in the most economical, ethical & environmentally friendly way! One of the way we do this is to focus on supporting local brands, using local natural materials & finding talented independent makers. 

We look for the best quality, luxury products for our stores and are very proud of the connections we have made with Great British talent! Our roots in the Cotswolds has a huge influence on our style, which is luxury classic timeless design. By making sure our products are made with the finest fabrics we can be certain of their longevity.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we work closely with some of our British suppliers to ship your order straight out to you from their warehouse, eliminating the need for an extra journey!

We also look to use recycled packaging wherever possible and have our own fabric Woodcock & Cavendish carrier bags that you will receive your purchases in if you visit one of our shops. This is really important to our brand and we hope to encourage our customers to reuse their bags if they can!