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Sculptured Horizontal Suitcase - 28" for sale - Woodcock and Cavendish

Sculptured Horizontal Suitcase - 28"

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 Simple, easy and secure, perfect for your travelling needs!  
28 inch: 74cm * 48cm * 30cm - 4kg All measurements are external, internal measurements may differ approx 1-2cm. Colour - NUDE   4 x 360 °swivel wheels distribute the weight of your suitcase evenly and ensure easy gliding through busy airports or train stations.  
How to set the code: All locks are pre-set to '000', to change this you need to press the reset button (with a pen or toothpick). Change the three numbers to your desired code. Let go of the reset button and now the code is set.  Make sure it is something memorable for you but not too simple.

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