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'Undercurrents' - By Becky Hanney for sale - Woodcock and Cavendish
'Undercurrents' - By Becky Hanney for sale - Woodcock and Cavendish

'Undercurrents' - By Becky Hanney

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The brilliance of this piece can add dimensions to any space.

In my work I follow a somatic calling to explore the yet unknown worlds and creatures my paintbrushes can create. The pieces are improvised fractally, beginning with large marks and working into these descriptively with smaller and smaller marks, naturally creating the three-dimensional illusion, suggesting landscape and organisms. I have also been experimenting with symmetry and perspective, trying to see the hyper object from as many angles as possible with each painting as an aspect of the whole.

The paintings help me access a space beyond the rational mind, into the sensual swirls and rhythms of the flow of being. They enable me to fall into a deep intuitive flow state and find stability amongst the chaos; an ecstatic peace akin to meditation.

They are presence and nonsense, alien yet familiar, they are my infinite dreamworlds of novelty, mystery and pleasure.

- Becky Hanney 


Oil on Canvas 

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