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Waterproof Wool Picnic Blanket - Cranberry Red


Soft cranberry red pure new wool picnic rug with dark grey waterproof backing and handmade green carrying leather strap. Made in Britain. Our luxury waterproof picnic blankets will make your picnics comfy, dry and stylish! Each rug is large enough and ideal for several adults, but rolls up into an easy-to-carry bundle with a slim elegant strap that can hook onto your backpack or bike for a day out.

Truly designed for the unpredictable British weather, with a soft top layer of pure new wool lined with durable waterproof backing, these rugs are gloriously comfortable to sit on. The soft wool is an absolute invitation to lay down, knowing that you will never feel any dampness from the ground! These delightful throws are the perfect companion in the country, on the beach, or in your garden! Stand out and look smart at your next picnic, your local park or festival!

Size: 145 x 183cm

100% Pure new Wool with 100% Polyester Backing

Heating & Plumbing London creates originally British lifestyle accessories to keep you warm, dry & cosy. Brij & Franck believe that no matter what's going on in your busy life or how the weather might surprise you, their colourful designs and touchy-feely materials will bring back a smile to your face and a spring in your step.

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